Strength and Conditioning Coach … for everyday people!

Welcome … I’m Ste, Owner and Head Coach of Kratos Strength and Conditioning.

What do we do?…

A Strength and Conditioning coach is a fitness and physical performance professional who uses exercise prescription specifically, but not limited, to improve the performance of athletes.

That just sounds like a lot of blah blah to the everyday person. The reality of it is a S&C (Strength and Conditioning) coach is somebody who with help a client or athlete reach their sports and fitness goals, using both physical and psychological coaching over a designated time period.

Kratos works with City of Birmingham Rockets Basketball Club, West Brom Basketball Club as well as multiple individual athletes from a basketball, football and boxing background. We don’t just work exclusively with competitive athletes though, we have a great base of everyday clients – solicitors, bankers, dentists and the like…

Are we the same as Personal Trainers? No… if you look around pro sports whether Rugby, Football, Basketball or Boxing at no point do these guys or teams employ PT’s. Myself as a S&C Coach I am driven by clients with longer term goals, not the here and now of getting people out of breath for an hour. Let me prepare you for the upcoming season, fight or competition. For the everyday athlete and fitness fanatic it’s about building a healthier, stronger, fitter you for now and forever.

This is why I fully believe S&C has a place in an everyday persons fitness journey. Why wouldn’t you as a client want a coach that is planning and programming for your long term success and goals? Consistency over a period of 3/6 months will help you have a fitter and healthier life.

I’m not poo pooing PT’s not at all, over the years I’ve had them myself, some good, some bad, some epically terrible, all of which were charging about the same but the results were varying. The reality is the more time I spend in this industry the more I see coaches running the same sessions for every client, ONE SIZE DOESNT FIT ALL.

The future of this blog lies with me being honest about myself and what I feel, my opinions are my own in relation to what I’m doing. It will have articles on training programs and products, clients diaries and their training progression and more directly about how Kratos is influencing the Strength and Conditioning world in Birmingham, England and beyond.

Things to look forward to, Kratos S&C diary of coaching and working on City of Birmingham Rockets Basketball Club Hakeem Olajuwon Basketball Camp. 

Also a huge diary piece from a current client looking to lift big on the Kratos Personalised Strength Program – looking forward to hearing about Hannah’s journey. – Female Vegan Weightlifter … I’m hyped to see these results even if she does hate bacon.


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